Level Bet: Beginner I

First steps in Hebrew dialogs

Syllabus summary

You will master your reading abilities, be able to communicate about basic housing vocabulary, in the restaurant, ask about time, how to get to different places in basic sentences. Here you will also meet other students who will tell you about their stay in Israel.

This course consists of four thematic units on beginner level (I). Each unit consists of: thematic vocabulary, interactive reading, grammar section and listening part together with two listening comprehensions. Each section includes audio recordings, interactive exercises, fully illustrated presentations and rich methodological content developed by professional Hebrew teachers and native speakers. During the course you can take part in live Hebrew classes with Alef-Bet tutors or chat with via forum with other Hebrew learners.

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Course Image Bundled courses - Level Bet - Beginner I

Bundled courses - Level Bet - Beginner I

By Buying bundled courses  you save and gain access to four courses at once for the whole trimester (90 days). You will receive a special Enrolement Key that allows you to enroll in the following four courses (from Unit 1 to  Unit 4).
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Course Image ?איפה / Where?

?איפה / Where?

List of content: ‏א.  GRAMMAR SECTION o  Definite article ה o  Question: Where? / איפה? o  Preposition: ב o  „There is/are”: יש   and nagation o  Preposition of possesion: של   o  Hebrew verbs in the present tense, part I o  Verbs in action: dialogues o  Quiz   ‏ב.    VOCABULARY SECTION o   Housing o   Preposition o   Places in Israel o   Quiz   ‏…
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Course Image ?מתי / When?

?מתי / When?

List of content:  ‏א.   VOCABULARY SECTION o   Numbers from 1-12 o   Time o   Days of the week o   Seasons o   Weather o   Quiz   ‏ב.    GRAMMAR SECTION o  Verbs in the present tense: part II o  Numbers in Hebrew o  Review of questions o  Question: When / מתי o  Expression ‘from... to…’ / מ... עד... o  About the time& question: What time is it…
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Course Image ?לאן / To where?

?לאן / To where?

List of content: ‏א.   VOCABULARY SECTION o   Numbers 11-20 o   Places o   Directions o   Near / Far o   Quiz   ‏ב.    GRAMMAR SECTION o  Numbers 11-20: explanation o  Questions & prepositions o  Verbs in the present tense: part III o  Impersonal sentences & questions o  Verbs in action: dialogues o   Quiz   ‏ג.     INTERACTIVE READING SEC…
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Course Image אוכלים ושותים / Eating & drinking

אוכלים ושותים / Eating & drinking

List of content: ‏א.   VOCABULARY SECTION o   Review o   Numbers 10-100 o   Beverages o   Polite expressions o   Meals & Israeli dishes o   Restaurant o   Quiz   ‏ב.    GRAMMAR SECTION o  Numbers o  Infinitives o  Adverbs & Adjectives o   Quiz   ‏ג.     INTERACTIVE READING SECTION o   Reading ‘Sara and Natan’: שרה ונתן + Quiz   ‏ד.    LIST…
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