Level Alef: Total Beginner 

Alphabet & introduction to Hebrew language 

Syllabus summary:

From the beginning you start listening to the read and write Hebrew alphabet, learn basic words, expressions. In the next units you start listen to short conversations and understand them, read short sentences, be able to introduce yourself and ask simple questions.

This course consists of four thematic units on total beginner level. Each unit consists of: thematic vocabulary, interactive reading, grammar section and listening part together with listening comprehensions. Each section includes audio recordings, interactive exercises, fully illustrated presentations and rich methodological content developed by professional Hebrew teachers and native speakers. During the course you can take part in live Hebrew classes with Alef-Bet tutors or chat with via forum with other Hebrew learners.

Explore the syllabus of the course and get access to the course: 

Course Image Alef-Bet: first steps in Hebrew alphabet

Alef-Bet: first steps in Hebrew alphabet

List of content:  ‏א. Introduction to Hebrew and the history of Hebrew  ‏ב. Aleph-bet: consonants ‏ג. Aleph-bet: vowels ‏ד. Reading rules in Hebrew ה. Summary ‏ו. Extra activities
Course Image Mastering reading Hebrew words

Mastering reading Hebrew words

List of content: ‏א.    Introduction ‏ב.    Loanwords in Hebrew ‏ג.     Gregorian & Hebrew calendar ‏ד.    Israeli cities ‏ה.    Names of countries ‏ו.      Languages ‏ז.     Summary
Course Image First steps in Hebrew dialogs

First steps in Hebrew dialogs

List of content:  ‏א.    Introduction in Hebrew ‏ב.    Israeli names ‏ג.     First questions ‏ד.    Personal pronouns in singular form ‏ה.    Answering: yes, no ‏ו.      Greetings in Hebrew ‏ז.     I am from… ‏ח.    Where are you from? ‏ט.    Frist Hebrew dialogues ‏י.      Summary …
Course Image What is this? Who is this?

What is this? Who is this?

List of content:  ‏א.    Review: introductions & names of countries/cities ‏ב.    Gender: female and male ‏ג.     Hebrew nouns: singular and plural ‏ד.    Personal pronouns ‏ה.    Conjunction [ve…] and ‏ו.      Demonstrative pronouns ‏ז.     Questions: Who’s this? What's this? ‏ח.    Answers: Positive and negative clauses ‏ט.    Questions: How…